About Us

About Us

We are a well-established company, Explosoft International Sdn Bhd(618452-M) with cumulative experiences over a decade since 2003 in software exploration, exploitation and development of social website platforms and scalable applications to the specific developed system including Easy Online Print Order System, GPS Tracking System and other additive customized software required. In recent years, we have also launched and assisted our clients to setup their e-Shop Business too.

Explosoft Printing Management Solutions is well-known as Easy series including to providing a user friendly internet-based ordering system for printing industry. These printing management solutions have been developed into Easy Job, Easy Cost, Easy Count and EasyLine System. All these solutions will make your business thrive from time to time by assisting you from planning, managing, processing payments, generating production to the subsequences maintaining work efficiently. For looking our Easy series, the latest version of our products, just kindly give a click here : www.explosoft.cc  to know more.

Explosoft GPS Fleet Management Solutions play a significant role professionally in providing GPS Tracking Hardware and Software solutions. Our customized and specialized GPS Tracking System provides many more applications and features in keeping with customer’s specific volume needs. Our expertise has allowed us to deliver the knowledge you need to make informed, smart plans and decisions upon your business by improving your driver’s safety, reducing risk or enhancing efficiency. For further more, visit us at www.gps.net.my or contact us for a free product demo.

Our GPS tracking solutions are always beneficial to you at a fraction of cost with a high quality fleet management. We also have issued Certificates or official letters required by SPAD to many of our clients who operate with transportation or logistics services. We have become the reputable seller of the vehicle tracking devices nationally but also internationally due to the unique of devices on outstanding track-record, cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, our dedicated customer services supported by our professional technical support team.

GPS Tracker Distribution and Server Rental Opportunities are available in our company here. We are looking forward to becoming your sincere cooperative partner rather than your competitor or rival.  We provide GPS Tracking Server allowing you access to all your customers while you take care of the hosting and build additional services upon your clients’ need. We highly respect entrepreneur minded and growth driven partners, set up a tracking service business or increase profitability of your existing tracking business by switching to Explosoft, so do not hesitate to join us today.

Besides the aforementioned, we also continuously unveil our imote Smart Home System and its series of products, a few ranges of wireless self-generating products and remote control parking lock.

Upgrade your lifestyle with imote Smart Home System

Monitor, control and secure your own in anywhere or inside the house as easy as monitor from one screen. imote is the most affordable, simple and advance smart home system for you. Intelligent home technology has made more convenient to your day-to-day life. Admittedly, imote gives smart home solution to meet your budget.

Our smart home system may help you to manage your smart home requirements. For further your understanding to our smart home series of products, just have your few minutes to visit us at www.imote.com.my


Our Mission

Our mission is to live up customer’s specific needs which will bring business revenue growth, cost savings, security for individual or corporate business operation.

Our teams have always raised high quality of Explosoft’s products and services to ensure our customers’ long term satisfaction. All our products are tested rigidly with quality controlled by our project support engineering and technical teams, and provided with applicable warranty terms and conditions under normal circumstances.

We humbly deliver our products and services that fit your needs. If you would like to get a demo account, a pricing quotation or other inquiries about our solutions, your patronage is our pleasure. Our sales team is ready and pleased to serve you locally or regionally with very attractive pricing and free product demo.